Gestoria Asesoria Font

Provincia: Alicante

Localidad: Jávea

Dirección: Avenida Alicante 15

Teléfono: +34 965 79 03 5

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3 Responses to Gestoria Asesoria Font

  1. Darren Carter says:

    Always given me and my family good service.

    5 estrellas.
  2. ruth Mansfield says:

    In May I submitted all the paperwork required for me to obtain a spanish driving licence. It is now nearing the end of September, and I still have not received it.Could you tell me what the hold up is please as it has been five months!!! Thank You.

    5 estrellas.
  3. Eric Minder says:

    Dear Mrs. Paqui
    I’m a friend of one of your customer Mr. Claude Grand who has advised me your services.
    We have bought a house in Javea in September 2013 and will come to live there in October 2015 as Residents.
    I would like to meet you soon to discuss the services you can provide me.
    My first question will be: when is the best time (concerning taxes) to be resident in Spain ? October 2015 or eventually only January 2016 ?
    I will have a monthly pension and a capital (I would like to transfer on my Spanish bank account … when is the best time ?) to live there.
    This is important for me to know before I leave Switzerland.
    We will be in Javea a few days at the end of February, so is it possible to have an appointment with you on Friday 27.2.15 (or Monday 2.3.15) ?
    Thank you in advance and best regards.
    Eric Minder

    Eric et Françoise Minder
    Ch. du Hameau 5
    CH – 1052 Le Mont-sur-Lausanne
    +4179 4259966

    5 estrellas.